Q1: What happens with the photos after I downloaded them?

A1: Photos will be deleted from our servers automatically after 3 months.

Q2: Will my photos be published or can anybody else except me access the photos?

A2: Photos will never be published and can only be accessed with the corresponding code

Q3: How do I know where and when I could find the Pix-To-Go team again?

A3: Just subscribe to the Newsletter and we will keep you informed about future dates and locations

Q4: Is it possible to get in touch with the photographer who took my pictures

A4: Yes. Once you ordered the pictures (free or with cost) from the Pix-To-Go website we will provide you the contact details of your personal photographer automatically

Q5: I introduce the correct code but my photos doesn't appear

A5: As a very unusual case our system can not identify the code of your photos. In this case your photos remain offline. Please contact info@pixtg.net